High Quality Poultry

 Sage Acres Farm Black  Copper Marans

Only chicks available currently 

We breed for egg color, temperament and classic beauty.  I am a member of the breed clubs and breed to follow SOP rules as standard in our line production. We have been producing gorgeous Black Copper Marans all across America since 2015. You can find true Black Copper Marans here at Sage Acres Farm LLC. We believe in integrity and quality over anything else. 

Hatching Eggs 

´╗┐´╗┐please read shipping agreement before placing an order

Color carded 6-9's

 No Color Requests. I add as many of the darkest shades available at time of pack.  

TWELVE + HATCHING EGGS $200 + $40 flat shipping fee. 


       Four day old chicks 

CHICKS $45ea

All chicks are vaccinated for Mareks and quarantined until pickup. Chicks are inspected daily. Probiotics and vitamins are added to water regularly. We feed our chicks organic non-medicated chick crumbles. 

Chicks must be picked up upon agreed time/day of pickup or additional care fees will be applied at $20 a day.

Custom hatches require a 40% deposit. 

Breeder Cocks = $500.00 each. 

Cull Roosters $50.00

Great for olive Egger pens or egg color only based lines. Bent combs, halos, over feathered shanks and chest leakage as possible reasons for cull. All roosters are good natured and non aggressive.