High Quality Poultry

 Black  Copper Marans 

We breed for egg color, temperament and classic beauty my cocks are all SOP.  I started collecting genetics from reputable breeders in late 2015 and have only ever hatched 8-9's on clubs (2) color cards. I'm a member of the breed clubs and try to breed and follow rules as standard in our line productions. We. have been producing gorgeous Black Copper Marans all across America. That doesn't mean every chick hatched will be SOP but you will have good genetics to work from. 

Colors are 6-9's. No Color Requests 

Hatching eggs

TWELVE HATCHING EGGS $120 + $30 flat shipping fee. 

SIX HATCHING EGGS $60 + $30 flat rate shipping fee.

CHICKS ARE FOR LOCAL PICKUP                95033 Santa Cruz MOUNTAINS 

CHICKS = $40.00 Each, Straight run. We only hatch dark shades 7-8's

          ~custom hatching this time of year for local pickup~

Pullets = $150.00each. between 5-7months (sold-out).

SOP Breeder Cocks = $200.00 each (limited Availability). 

Cull Roosters Free (still hatched from 8+) great for olive Egger pens or egg color only based lines. Bent Combs, Over feathered shanks and chest leakage as possible reasons for cull.