In the beginning there was an egg... 

April 7, 2020

Getting Started in Poultry

So you're getting the poultry bug, no not the itchy type but the amazing realization that chickens are an essential factor to a happy life. Chickens are friendly, personable, and they give back in nutritious, healthy, farm fresh eggs. It is important to understand the care and maintenance needs before starting your journey in chicken keeping.


Some of you may choose to start at the beginning, by incubating your own eggs. I'm here to give you self learned advice and important information to make this a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  1. For chickens, I recommend an incubation temperature of 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit, 37.2 degrees Celsius, and humidity of 40% for the first 18 days of incubation. On day 18 take out or stop turning eggs and increase humidity to 75%. chickens take 21-23 days to hatch. 
  2. Chicks will wobble, chirp and make a tiny hole in egg when the hatching process starts (called pipping). 
  3. It can take up to 24 hours for a chick to hatch. Sometimes they need help but it's important to not open the sensitive hatching environment by opening the lid unless totally necessary. 
  4. My favorite brand of incubator is Brinsea. They make reliable self regulated models that produce high yield hatches. Spending more on an incubator is very well worth it when problems can happen from unregulated temperatures. 
  5. After 24 hours of last egg pip and hatch remove chicks and place them in sanitized brooder area for vaccination and quarantine for 4 days.