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Sage Acres Farm LLC

February 27, 2020

Living in the Santa Cruz Mountains and raising poultry 

   Hi, I'm Rachael. I am a mother of three and wife to one haha. I'm 30 and have been raising chickens throughout my life and breeding with intention for 5 years. My family live in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. The weather is pretty great but also intense when its flooding a few times a year...60mph winds at night and cold spells out of nowhere! like 40degrees...thats freezing well technically not but us Californians..nope not digging it. Did I mention yet I run a chicken egg business also breed rare and interesting poultry. The combination of location and poultry has been quite the learning experience. The Predator types have been many and taken quite a few before we were able to figured out our working methods of protection. You know what loves attacking and eating my chickens....well Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Coyotes, Skunks, Opossums...and I'm sure I'm forgetting something oh yeah! Hawks.  More to come! Welcome to the Santa Cruz Mountains, it's a crazy life ...own chickens :)