High Quality Poultry

Illnesses and Possible fixes

If possible always seek licensed veterinary care

Common chick Illnesses 

Pasty Butt

Clean every 2-4 hours with warm water and dry with napkin then place back under heater plate. Issue should resolve after intestines acclimate to feed. 

Splay Legs 

Brace ASAP with rubber band and straw. Issue should correct in 2 hours-2days, depending on severity. 


IF YOU SEE BLOOD, Not to be mistaken for shedding of the intestinal lining which is totally normal. 

CORID 9.6% Oral Solution 1 1/2 tsp per gallon of water. 

Curled Toes 

Lay toes flat on tape and use a top layer to seal toes in a straight position. Change daily. 

Webbed Toes 

Take sanitized sharp cutting device and take a small snip to release the overgrown skin within first 1-2 days of hatch, will heal in 24 hours. 


Uncommon Illnesses usually associated with:

    Unhealthy parent stock  Extreme fluctuations in temperature.  Incubation temperature being too high.  

I cull for these reasons:

MG, MS respiratory


Life long carriers, bad development and early death. 

Under Developed eye sockets 

Can keep alive but will have life long challenges and struggles may starve and will be bullied by stronger birds. 

Brain outside skull

100% fatality rate, your incubation temperature is inconsistent and HIGH.

Dislocated hips

Surgery not an option, no fix available 

Deformed wings/legs

Can keep alive but quality of life will be poor with the weakness and will get bullied by other chicks. 

Mareks Disease 
A HIGHLY contagious neoplastic virus. Affecting chicks and chickens. Causes paralysis, blindness, Sudden death and slow deterioration. Chicks born to parent stock with the disease are sickly, slow, weak and usually die within three days of hatch due to being born with a compromised immune system. All birds should be vaccinated property with FOUR days of hatch quarantine for mareks to expendentially decrease the chance of contraction.