High Quality Poultry

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Our Breeds 

*Shipping is Flat rate of $30.00 for every 24 eggs. I do not ship to Puerto rico or Hawaii. 

*No international shipping 

Ayam Cemanis 

We do NOT offer hatching eggs for our Ayam Cemanis. My line of Ayam Cemanis are a big passion on our farm. They are a very special breed, we take breeding them properly very seriously. I am a dedicated member of the ACBA. Our breeders come from the best genetic lines available in the United States and we work our best to try to achieve the best! always a work in progress. Email to join waitlist.

Roosters $300.00

Hens $400.00

Chicks $180.00

Black Copper Marans

A-line 7-8's

clubs color card colors. 

Waitlist time: 3-4months*

$100.00 doz 

plus shipping

We breed for egg color. We only ever hatch 8+'s.  All Our BCM are calm, charming, regal and friendly birds. 

B-line 4-6's

 clubs color card colors. 

$60.00 doz 

plus shipping

After many request and ideas I’ve decided to offer a B-line Black Copper Marans line. The Egg colors are 4-6’s. The eggs are from my pure bred lighter laying black copper marans. whom are crossed with a dark gene rooster. They are more affordable and a perfect chocolate addition to any beautiful basket. 

Hatching Eggs Only


White & Splash

Beautiful, Fluffy and Friendly.

Hatching eggs 

$75.00 doz

plus shipping

Chicks: $35, straight Run. 


My line of Seramas come in a combination of colors. All my Seramas are between 8-11oz. 

$75.00 doz

plus shipping

Hatching Eggs only

F1 Olive Eggers

Coming soon

$50.00 Plus Shipping 12+

Rainbow layer Dozen

The rainbow layer dozen is perfect for the new or experienced chicken hatcher. A lovely combination of genetics from our layer pen to create a beautiful basket of layers in a variety of colors. Mix breed genetics and chance for BCM or pure Isbar.



plus shipping.

Chicks $35.00

Hens $80.00

* All chickens are vaccinated for Mereks diesese.