High Quality Poultry

Please Read fully before inquiring.



Question #1:

What is the best method to contact the company?

Answer: Please use contact us tab to inquire or place an order for a specific ship date.

You can also purchase some breeds by the dozen through our site here. 

 Question #2: What days do you ship? 

 Answer: Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Question #3:

 Are eggs held for pickup at the post office on arrival? 

Answer: Yes, if you provide me a contact number. 

Question #3:

Do you take PayPal? 

Answer: Yes, I will invoiced you! please send email for invoice. 

Question #4:

Do you ship Half dozens? 

Answer: Yes, of single breeds. 

Question #5: 

Whats the minimum chick order?

Answer: 2 chicks


Question #6: 

Do you ship live birds?

Answer: Not at this time. 

Question #7:

 Do you take back roosters? 

Answer: No. 

Question #8: 

Do you vaccinate your birds?

Answer: I vaccinate all chicks for Mareks. 

Question #9: Do you sell older birds and pullets? 

Answer: I take reservations the previous year and have pullets ready around February. 

Question #10: Do you ship Ayam Cemani hatching Eggs? 

Answer: No.

Question #5: 

Whats the minimum chick order for a custom hatch?

Answer: 6 chicks.