High Quality Poultry

When you order hatching eggs you are agreeing to the following. There is no exceptions to the rules and by making payment you are agreeing. 


Broken/Lost eggs:

I Pack eggs securely, packed with cotton filling in cartons of appropriate sizes. That said, if the post office loses or damaged your package I make sure to insure purchase cost and YOU are responsible for filing a claim to USPS to gain your refund. Take many photos of any damage and save files for when you open your claim, your are entitled to whatever the package is ensured for if they damaged your package and accept your claim. Once eggs are out of my hands, I can no longer be responsible.

Unhatched Eggs:

I am NOT responsible for hatch rate. The post office is hard on eggs sometimes and air cells are extremely fragile. I do my best to pack them securely but if not delivered/handled with care (or if by some means delivered late) it greatly effects hatch rate and is totally out of my control. I make sure I test hatch regularly out of my pens with over 90% hatch rate. I also have higher ratios of roosters to ensure fertility.

Don't Agree?


PLEASE DON'T: Message me on social media  about any of the topics discussed. It's unnessesary as I clearly say how to handle any unhappy deliveries. 

PLEASE DON'T: Make an order before reading this! 

Thanks for reading! Okay! so that wasn't the fun part and lets hope everything goes great as that's my intention for you but I can't have unrealistic expectations forced on us, thanks!