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I ordered 2 dozen Polish hatching eggs from Sage Acres Farm. It was my first time hatching and she was SO informational, She answered every question I had very quickly. Paying was easy and the eggs came a few days later via USPS (from CA to IL), they were packed perfectly so every egg had a chance as soon as it got into the incubator!! The Polish chicks are beautiful and extremely friendly!! Since it was so easy, I ordered another 2 dozen of a rainbow assortment and she threw two freebies in :) The second hatch batch had a 58% success rate and the chicks are beautiful and just as friendly. Third hatch batch will be ordered very soon!!!

- Stacy P. IL

Testimonial from our client

I’ve never written a review before but I have so much to say about my experiences with Sage Acres Farm! The first time a purchased a set of hatching eggs from Rachael she made it so easy and was incredibly informative. It was my first time hatching eggs and it was something I thought my kids would love, which they did! Rachael sent me hatching tips that you don’t see on your normal google egg hatching searches. I had read that the percentage for hatching shipped eggs was fairly low and I went into it thinking I’d just be happy with whatever I got. Well let me tell you, I received 14 eggs, so beautifully and careful wrapped and packaged, followed her amazing tips and ended up with ELEVEN perfect little baby chicks! Not only was the fertility rate super high but each of the babies, who are now about 9 weeks old, are honest to goodness the KINDEST chickens I’ve ever owned!! They all have these sweet, easy going, curious dispositions. Every one of them let my two wild children pack them around and don’t seem to mind a bit!! In fact my little NN/EE comes running when my son is out and follows him all over the backyard. They are gorgeous, healthy and so sweet!! The kids & I love them so much we are just days away from hatching out second set from Sage Acres!! Thank you Rachael, for all your love and care that goes into every aspect of these gorgeous animals!! We love them so much ❤️ 

Amanda M. CA

Testimonial from our client

Sage Acres Farm is absolutely the best. I got hatching eggs from them and they were nothing but supportive and helpful as the eggs incubated. You can tell from the chicks that love, dedication and hard work has been put in to everything. 

- Tracy R. CA

Our Goal

My chickens are fed organically and interacted with/ handled each day. They are vaccinated for Mereks
so you can enjoy them for their lifetime. They are all supplemented with various organic natural options such as vinegar, vetRX along with other herbs and western preventives. After purchasing your chickens from me please stay in touch and feel free to see me as your chicken help connection as well.

-Rachael Stewart