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High Fibro. True Genetics. Pure Beauty. 

~First Breeder of True Ayam Cemanis in Northern California~

Sage Acres Farm Ayam Cemani 

We do NOT offer hatching eggs for our Ayam Cemanis. My line of Ayam Cemanis are a big passion on our farm. They are a very special breed, we take breeding them properly very seriously. I am a dedicated member of the ACBA. Our breeders come from the best genetic lines available in the United States and we work our best to try to achieve the best with our fibromelanistic pairings. This breed is truly outstanding.  Email to join waitlist for requests.

Breeding Pairs $1,800.00 (Sold Out for 2020) 

Tested pairs 

Juvenile Cockerels $500.00

Juvenile Pullets $600.00

Straight Run Chicks: (2) for $350. $200each. 

sold with at least grey mouth fibro and no cull traits.